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Paul N

A subject which has interested me for some years, but I've yet to discover the answer in spite of requests on various forums. Where is the UK's oldest rose bush, not rose variety. In 2006 I travelled to Tombstone, Arizona, and saw the Worlds largest rose bush a white 'Lady Banksia'. The original plant came over from Scotland in 1885 and from this one plant the stems spread over an arbor of over 8000 square feet. I know of the World's Oldest Rose Bush, over a thousand years old and growing alongside Hildersheim Cathedral in Germany. But where oh where is Britain's Oldest Rose Bush? Does anyone here know for sure?


LOL! Oh dear, I should have checked before posting!  When I scrolled down the page of the website I see you have already been there.  Senior moment!

Paul N

No probs. I'm just a bit surprised that I've still yet to find the answer. Perhaps Montisfont knows?

Paul N

Oh, thats fine. I did contact both the Royal National Rose Society and the RHS and neither knew. Montisfont has the national collection of old roses so I think they are the next step. Graham Thomas, no longer with us, would certainly have known.

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