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Watched GW the other week and saw Monty Don simply broadcasting last years poppy seeds into the borders. No preperation (other than the mulch he put down early in the season) and seeds werent covered. Just left to get on with it. Does this really work? Im thinking of pacing down to my garden centre to get a packet of seeds.....
I was thinking the same, my theory is that it must work because the wind would spread the seed naturally so we would just be copying that process
Alina W

It works better if you make sure that the soil surface is a bit rough, so the poppies have somewhere to lodge.

I have done this in previous yeras with good results

Moonlit Hare

I tried planting in cells with a light covering of soils so I know what they where when they where coming through. (I got a new garden in April and I'm still not sure whats going to apper!)

Nothing came up, so I don't know if it helps a little or not but personally I'm going to rule out this method!


Alina W

Poppies need light to germinate, so covering them is not a good idea. They also dislike root disturbance, so are best sown where they are to grow.


I always use the scatter method with great success. I have tried cells but they did not like being transplanted and were much smaller than the others.

Ok - I've done it.  2,000 poppy sides in palm of hand and scattered them with abandon around the borders.  Lord knows where they have landed - but good shower of rain will hopefully get them going.  Quite excited now with the anticipation of what its going to look like.


We will look forward to the photos

Rob Stevens
I've done the same. I'm planning on getting a few different types and doing it again every couple of weeks for continuous flowering.
Scattering seeds this weekend good idea to save some and scatter them later on, can't wait to see how it will look.

Yes - definitely works. After all, what happens when poppy seed heads dry out and burst? You are just replicating nature. The seedlings don't like being transplanted so sow where you want them to flower and pull up the ones you don't want.

Had several odd packets of seed including wild flowers, poppies and californian poppies. Have broadcast them over and between other plants and they look beautiful much more natural. People always stop and look at my front garden. My mum calls it a mess but i say its a cottage garden. Each to his own i guess

I did this a couple of weeks ago but I think only one or two have germinated. Not sure if it was due to the bad weather or the seeds, which came from a seed swap and collected seeds from last year.

@Swedboy I think it is the poor weather that has reduced your germination rate, when we get some sunshine they should romp away.


I think you are right. Will scatter some more now when the sun is out.

Like you, after having watched Monty have scattered poppy seeds over my borders with gay abandon. Also spoke to a friend who says that it works for her everytime.

Jess is in the Garden


let's wait and see!

meant to be 23 degrees and sunny this week - ABOUT TIME.

This has never worked for me in 27 years of trying

I just put the seeds down in my borders and rockery and they just grow, but be patient.