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Neighbours cat used my pieris as it's landing site when leaping down from next door tree.  I'm wondering what to do about it now.  I doubt I can do anything other than trying to take some cuttings from the snapped-off branch.  Bit fed up about it to be honest but not enough to fuss over it.

Any ideas anyone?  Can cuttings be taken do you think?




Looks like you should just cut off the broken branch and let the shrub regrow.

BUT - if for some reason that isn't what you want to do -  two years ago the same thing happened to a small daphne shrub in my garden.  Actually it wasn't cat damage, it was husband damage - size ten feet on my baby plant.  He was determined to put it right, so he bandaged the half-broken bit back into place with another stick as a splint, wrapped a couple of layers of garden twine around it like a bandage, and (much to my amazement) it grafted back onto itself and is now completely healed.  I'm not saying it will work for you, but perhaps it is worth a shot if it worked for me!

Hiya yarrow

Yes cut it off as cleanly as possible.  To close in the bare area poke couple of short canes to train other branches into it.  In few weeks you won't even notice the gap


Maybe erect a bamboo wigwam over it to protect it from jumping cats for a bit - perhaps the cat will find another route 


Yarrow-  I 'd try and 'push' some of the other branches across with supports to cover the gap. The supports won't be seen since it's an evergreen.

Rosie- great result! I've done  that kind of thing with smaller branches and even 'bandaged' sweet peas etc but I'd have cut off a branch that far gone.


Oh...and a catapault...just lie in wait for the opportunity.

.............joke!  Wouldn't really do that.  It would be a!  

Ill get my coat


Just a light cardi today Verdun - it's going to be warm 


Dear Everybody who posted a reply:  thanks so very much for all those thoughts and options.   I will opt for all - a clean cut, cover the gap with existing branches and put in short cane supports.  Oh Rosie31 wouldn't it be great if I could bandage but I think everyone is right in that it's too thick and solid a branch for me to make a dedicated effort and have success.  And Verdun - I do feel like waiting for an opportunity ...but of course us civilised gardening folks would never contemplate such things would we!!!?!!    I think a little wigwam and something to keep the little ..... at bay would be a good idea allso. 

Thanks everybody.





Update from last year (2013).  I did as suggested last summer and tied the branch together with a little soft pad with garden wire holding it together and it seems to have done the trick really well.  It  melded (not sure if that's a word!)together and has produced bells for the first time.  The green foliage I think needs a feed though but not sure.


What a great result, congratulations. I'd have never of tried that so glad it worked.


Surprised me Bilje that it seems to have worked with no infection repercussions (so far)

Mother Nature smiled obviously- plus your green fingers

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