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A few weeks ago I bought a lot of crocus corms, but haven't been able to start planting them till today.  The variety Cream Beauty have thin little yellowish brown shoots. Would it be a waste of time to plant them, or is there still hope?


I would still put them in now cottontail.  Lots of bulbs seem to be coming up early in my garden because it has been so mild. 


I would plant them. No harm done in doing so  No early bird bulbs for me but most of the iris at my parents are showing their leaves 


They will be fine.  Get them in as soon as possible. If they are in the house in the warm, put them somewhere cool (garage or shed)until they can be planted.

I thought the shoots should be creamy white, roundish and firm if they were still going to flower?



hct - I have the same ones and , like you, they haven't gone in yet  I've just looked at them and they're as you describe, while the Snow Bunting ones are paler so maybe it's just the colour of their shoots. I'm hoping to get mine in to their bed in the next few days. The weather is definitely having an effect I'd say. 

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