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My Jack Frosts have been lovely this spring, masses of new growth and flowers.  I have cut back the flowers, but the plants are still growing strongly and are threatening to over shadow the hardy fuschias and other perennials that are struggling to get going after the cold May. Is it ok to do a late Chelsea chop and cut them back to encourage new smaller leaves to grow?


Hi sally, i cut my jacks back to nothing when the leaves get tired and discoloured, this i do a little later in the year and have never had a problem, loads of fresh new growth, if in doubt only take some of the larger leaves off

Rob Stevens
Aren't they supposed to keep the leaves going until late on? I read that when flowering is over then the leaves take over and get bigger. The leaves on them are beautiful, so I'd welcome masses of them. I only planted mine this spring, so still fairly tame.

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