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hollie hock

I love the white type too chilli lover. I know where there is one hanging over a fence, was tempted last year to take a cutting, this year I just might

Is the white budleia strongly fragrant? Like others I would like to grow this one
Bunny ...
Hollie hock don the combats and balaclava

I like those really dark purple/blue ones. Haven't got one yet though

Bunny ...
I've just bought the black knight one with pink delight ....thinking white would go well too....eeeek



Can't have too many. 



Bunny ...
Hehe never grown them before...hope I don't turn out to be the only person to kill one .
hollie hock

I'll be prepared bunny, take some sharp cutters and a polythene bag, less then a minute I'll be well gone

Lovely pictures nutcutlet, hopefully I'll see similar. The plants I have are very small but I know once taken it grows and grows

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Hehe Hollie hock...don't want to see your image on crime watch mind !!!!
chilli lover

Verdun - it does have a scent but saddly I find it a bit sickly...

Ok thanks chilli lover. May not get this then
Gardening Grandma

The council are doing that white buddleia a favour by hacking it back. Every time they do it, it will thicken up and grow back better. I agree that these are beautiful plants, but they do take up quite a lot of room as they mature. Two planted together in one bed could end up being a hedge! Cutting them back just helps them get bigger and you can't do it too often or you lose the flowers. They are a good idea for privacy, though I hope - and expect - that yours will thrive. .


I got one of the yellow/orange buddleias 2 years ago; it grows on my 'outside' bit of garden, so have to keep it no more than 75cm deep from front to back to not crowd the pavement, am not crazy about them, but liked the flower colour and they do survive on thin air. I think people of my generation remember them growing on bomb sites after the war. (and, no, that wasn't the war of the roses)

Bunny ...

Hehehe war of the roses artjak, you sure it wasnt?

They grow on waste ground whilst being bombed so i shouldnt be able to kill one then seems to be message


Yes Artkak it WAS the War of the Roses as I have one of those plants too. It's called "Summer Gold", and I remember it colonising post war bomb sites! It was unavailable in the GC but in the last few years it is now available for "butterfly gardens".

Apart from being the top buddleia with the white variety("White Sensation" is one); for butterflies,it(the yellow)  attracts lots of bumble bees too. Last year, despite the weather, we had lots of butterflies on these bushes.

I agree with you Chillie Lover regarding the strong fragrance of the white one, but I enjoy the butterflies without getting too close to the flowers. It is easy to strike too, I have done a few by just sticking bits in the ground when pruning!

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