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Secret Squirrel

Hi, what do I do with the cuttings from last year? There is two long shoots in a V formation and plenty of growth at the bottom. Do I let the two long shoots grow to a desire height and nip out the growing tip to make them busy? I have the Buddleia Buzz


Cut the two long shoots down to about 6 inches (15 cm ). They will sprout from the bottom then to give you a bushy plant.

I have done this many times - it's as fidget says! Cut them down to just above a pair of strong shoots and they will romp away again.



I hack mine back at the beginning of spring, then at the beginning of Autumn I cut the plant back by about half to prevent any long stems getting bashed in the winter winds. Then in spring I cut then right back again. They are tough plants, just look at any wasteland in city centres and they are growing everywhere.

Buddleia buzz are not quite like usual buddleias.  You won't see them growing anywhere in the wild.  I suspect they may be a little more tender too.

Pruning and cuttings as for standard buddleias but soil needs to be good I think for Buzz.

Always ready to be corrected if anyone is growing Buzz in poor soil.  Have one doing well in my back garden but a neighbour has one in poor soil that has struggled.  Just added Ivory recently and this too will go in a good soil spot.  

Susan Giles

I bought a tiny Buddleja Buzz plug last year and it was amazing just how quickly it took off. I wasn't expecting to have to prune it, but I did give it a light trim, and because it's such a little thing, I thought I'd overwinter it in the greenhouse where it seems to be doing just fine. I'm really looking forward to seeing it grow this year and be a little bee magnet for this veggie plot!

Susan, I would pot it up of its still a plug.  Plants will soon be growing fast so,if you can pot up and pot up again according to its growth ??ou will have a good size plant for the garden.  Yep,,,,,great bee magnet and butterflies too.  

Susan Giles

Sorry, Verdun, I should have said, I did pot it up last year when it arrived and so far it seems to be doing pretty well. I haven't decided yet whether to pop it in the ground in the veggie plot or to keep it in its pot near the veggie plot. Either way, I am looking forward to watching it grow and flower.

I also found a buddleja seedling growing in a crack in the back garden which I have lifted and repotted. It is merrily romping away, so I'm looking forward to seeing what surprise the birds have given me this year!! 

I have buzzes in pots and in the ground. They are far happier in the ground in my experience.

I have one that grew to 4ft last year, which didn't really match my expectations of what a Buzz is meant to look like; I thought of cutting it down until I saw all the bees and butterflies on it! It is still there, though I cut it down to 1ft in Autumn and will take it down to 6" in Spring in an effort to keep it in check.

They are glorious plants, very easy and forgiving, with lovely insect attracting blooms. Even through Winter they have beautiful silvery green leaves. The magenta is my favourite.

Susan Giles

Wow Lass, I hadn't expected it to grow that big either...I will have to bear that in mind when I put it in the ground! Mine's a magenta too - very pretty! 

I've had mine for years now, just after I first saw them and it's been a joy to grow. I grew it in a large container with BFB and MPC and about a year ago took it out of the container and planted it in the ground. Although it is Buzz it does grow quite big every year as Lancashire Lass says, about 4 feet or so. I too cut mine back by 1/3rd in the autumn and again to about 12 or 18 inches in springtime. This year I'm going to use the some as cuttings as it has new growth on it and has continued to grow through our mild winter.

Susan Giles

That's really great advice Ladygardener2. I think I might do the same once it's really got going this year.


I have received an offer of three free buddleia Buzzes as plug plants. I have had very little luck with plugs in the past and am reluctant to pay the £5+ postage unless I know they'll work. Susan Giles seems to have had good results from the Buzz plug. So, Susan ... or anyone else ... any handy hints for growing Buzz from plugs?


For not much more Sandyr, you can purchase a buzz in a 2 Litre pot and enjoy the flowers this year not next year or year after.....if at all 


Thanks Verdun. I bought 3 Buzzes a few years ago (a similar offer, though I think they were bigger than plugs when they arrived). Only one survived and it is beautiful but it made me wary of plugs (also had failures in the past with other plugs)

My mum sent me a budd tri colour mix, its out in garden, one of them looks really droopy .


In my experience, a droopy plant needs a load of water!

Thanks Sandyr it has been soaked as i thought that, but its had plenty of water.