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Hi guys, has anyone got any buddleia flowers yet? I thought they'd be here by now, but no sign! The plants are looking really healthy though. I'm in the north west of England. 


Not usually until late July or early August. (nottingham)


Hi Fidget

Great to see another Nottinghamite   ! No flowers on buddleija here either. Mind you mine is in a shady corner which probably doesn't help.


Much to soon.


None here yet...Hampshire...late for us. Most got knocked back by the cold weather.


Ah othe air enough. After posting this though I found the first few buds on mine! Shouldn't be too long then. Thanks and enjoy the weather! Dave

Hi everyone, please can you put your thinking caps on and help to identify a plant,

I first saw it while in Jersey it grows about ten or twelve feet over a few years, rough green leaves to touch which are perhaps the size of hosta type leaves but a bit narrower and longer.

it produces small  blue  flowers Inbetween each leaf and the plant finishes to a point at the top? 



my globosa is flowering but i've got 3 different types of davidii and not a sausage yet, although up in newcastle it's normally august anyway. 



An unpruned wild davidii in the hedge is showing buds but the (also wild) one I hard-pruned as usual has no sign yet (Leicestershire.)


Passionate, You need to start a new thread really,  But look up Echium and see if that matches.

My buddleia is about to flower any day now.  Suddenly I have verbena bonariensis in flower everywhere too.  Sun is performing its magic now!

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