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Hello, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.  

I've read that buddleia grows fast, but I can't find any specifics.  How large would a typical buddleia bush be expected to grow within 1 year from planting seeds?  Would it reach full size within 1 year?  Also, is there any way to estimate the age of a buddliea bush?

Many thanks.


In a year it would be about 3feet.

Subsequent years,assuming hard pruning in spring, about 6to9 feet.

Without pruning about 15 ft after 4 years.


I grew all mine from a pack of  mixed took a couple of years to form an actual 4 years it was around 6ft. The best idea is to  hard prune  as fidget bones says in spring .  I leave mine as a boundry hedge .


You can estimate the age by looking at the base of the trunk. The bit that's still there when you've cut back.

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