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I have a young buddleja, about three feet tall, planted in June.  I can give it a good drink of an evening, but the following day it's heads will start to droop.  Is this normal, or perhaps due to the prolonged heat?  I don't think it can be thirsty 


It very likely is thirsty.  Remember its roots will not have gone far into the soil yet as it was planted in June.

Yes, I agree.  I planted a buddleia last year in spring. We tend to think buddleias like it hot n dry ...they do but not until,they are established.  A really good soak happycottontail tonight.   Let it drain away and soak it again.  Try and do same tomorrow morning.  Dont let it dry out this summer.

Thank you Welshonion and Verdun.  I will do that.

anthony mcglen

i  two have a buddleia mine is about two years old. it was a cutting that i was this time it has nether flowered,could it be that the plant is just to young to flower yet.


Anthony, it may flower this year.  I would expect it to flower within 3 years though from a cutting

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