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Can anybody help identify what variety of buddleja I'm looking for please. My neighbour has a very pretty one but doesn't know the name.

It's got very dainty silvery leaves, slightly pointed, some of which survived all winter, and the blossom is purple, about 8ft tall - not much to go on I'm afraid.  I'm thinking maybe "Lochinch" or "Black Knight" but not sure.


..impossible to be sure Lizzie without seeing a photo and even then it could be difficult.  Perhaps you could get back to us in August with a nice picture if you haven't found out by then...  unless your neighbour is the type of person to seek out more unusual types, then it may well be one of those you mention which are more readily available. 

I used to grow this one in my last garden, but you don't see it everywhere..


I have a variety with silvery dainty pointed leaves. It is a dwarf form, growing to 8 feet if left unpruned, unlike Black Knight and others that can grow quite a bit taller unpruned, up to 13 feet. Only problem is that mine is blue not purple. It is called Nanho Blue. 


Sounds like my Lochinch. Flowers are a lilac/blue colous and pretty grey leaves.

Thanks for all those suggestions. I might take a sprig up to Hilliers tomorrow to see if they can assist.

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