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Hello - I am getting a little confused when bulbs should be planted - I was under the impression that it was always best in mid October? I have ordered bulbs from Thompson Morgan and GW and they are due to arrive sometime in November (both lots were ordered in September and I was under the impression they would arrive this month) - when emailing Thompson Morgan asking for a more specific date I was informed sharply by them that bulbs are planted late November - this has made me more than slightly confused they are narcissus and tulips from GW am I going mad should it be this month and if planted so late will they survive or if the snow arrives as predicted will they rot as I've left it so late - sorry to go on so much but I genuinely am confused......

Tulips november, but Narcissus should be going in now.


Narcissus are making their roots now. They will flower better , the sooner they are in.

But.... I have planted as late as January (some cheap bargain) and they flower, but a bit later.

Tulips are  traditionally planted in November, but if you have them now, plant them now, its miserable planting in grotty weather.

Or at least get them in pots.  Daffodils benefit from deep plantIng too.

Many thanks for the advice - being a beginner your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated....

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