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I planted some bulbs in last autumn. Being a novice I forgot to write down what they are. no flower has appeared and all I have aid what looks like a 2ft blade of grass. 

Any ideas what this could be?




It could be a 2' blade of grass Frozz. Is it just the one blade or are there several? Might  be a later flowering bulb.

A photo might help as bulb leaves don't all look the same

thanks. I have added pictures so hope this helps?

I could be there is nothing to do exept pull the growth out, just not sure.




Or possibly unflowered crocuses or irises. Don't pull it out, the bulbs need the work they do for next year. Maybe you'll get flowers next year


Our Wen

I agree with nutcutlet - sometimes plants need to get established for a year or perhaps more before flowering.  They are often worth waiting for.

Ok thanks guys

so I just leave the long strands?


On behalf of the bulbs I request that you leave them til they go brown

ok cheers

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