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I am ordering some tulip bulbs for delivery at the end of summer and noticed there are different sized bulbs, i have had a look around and i cannot find any bulb size charts.

Is it a universal sizing chart that everyone uses or do the sizes numbers represent a circumference, diameter etc?

Thanks in advance.



Bulb size refers to circumference at widest point.

If you think of the growth point as the head, the circumference is the waist of a teletubby.


Bigger bulbs equals more/bigger flowers


Yep, but it's difficult to estimate in easy terms how big a bulb is from it's circumference, so, to get the diameter (also in cm), divide by Pi (roughly 3) so a size 12 bulb is about 4cm diameter.

I'm sure they quote the circumference just so the number looks as big as possible - surprised they don't use millimeters!


Good tip Bob - as always!

 Fidget have you started early on the vino-are you trying to grow tinky winky now??


Ok thanks,the Tulips i have ordered are all 10-11, 11-12 and 12, alliums are 14-16.

Assume that is acceptable?


Sorry, had some very funny measurements for a below knee stocking last week. I would have fitted a doll.

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