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Hi I would say I'm a novice when it comes to gardening. 

Im looking for bulbs for a all year round display can anyone help, I have bulbs for spring and summer I just need autonm and winter any suggestions.

Sara 4

No, but I can't wait for your answers to come in - I need some ideas too.


I can think of Nerine bowdenii for autumn, aconites and snowdrops for winter.  I know these aren't bulbs but hellebores flower in winter as well. 


Iris unguicularis if we are allowed rhizomes flowers in winter. Cyclamen coum for winter. Cyclamen hederifolium in autumn. Colchicum in autumn but plant something to cover the messy leaves for the rest of the year. Crocus cancellatus flowers in autumn....thats all I can think of for now. 


Schizostylis! My favourite. Flowers autumn. And do you grow Iris reticulata? Not sure if you would count them as late winter or early spring.



I have Schizostylis as well Addict, love it.  Is it a bulb though?  Can't remember.....


Has bulbous bottoms so think it is lol

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