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I see Lidl are doing various bulbs at the moment, with more coming next Thursday.

They have 5kg bags of daffs, so does anyone know roughly how many bulbs you'll get? I think that may be too many, though the smaller bags of 10 bulbs probably work out much more expensive.


75 ish


I had one of those last year. About 60bulbs. Mainly king Alfred type. Not very mixed.

If like me you prefer smaller daffs this is a great buy at £5.99 per kilo (bulb size 12/14+cm).  They are selling Tete a Tete, Pipit and lots of other varieties I haven't even heard of e.g. Fragrant Rose which sounds interesting.  The tulips look a great buy too at £6.99 (bulb size 12+cm) but it is a bit early to plant these in my neck of the wood.  If they have small ones I might just buy a couple of bags and keep them in a cool airy place for a couple of months.

If you get plants as soon as they come into store then Lidyl and Aldi are great value for money. 


I got about 60 in the bag i bought this week, the tulip bulbs around 50 per bag, they seem to be good quality and decent size.

Range are also doing bags of daffs, 3KG for £4 I think.

Stacey Docherty

Just got some mixed narcissi 5kg for £5.00!!!!

Stacey I look on the website only 2kg that is amazing for 5kg did you see tulips bulbs as well? I must go get just what I need for the train station garden,  I messaged you

I got these and was impressed at how many there were. Bulbs seemed good quality and I have planted them.


Great for guerrilla gardening. I planted a bag full last year in the grass verge. Then I persuaded  the council man to mow around them.

For the pots I had a lot free from parkers while I was ordering the amaryllis  bulbs.excellent amaryllis two flower stems on each bulb earlier on in the year, and two of them have just thrown up another.


I bought a 2kg bag of daffs and tulips, and there's a hell of a difference in the weights. I haven't counted the bulbs yet, but I put them on the kitchen scales and the bag of daffs is nearly 2.8kg whilst the tulips are 1.8kg.

I went back to Lidl today and the bags they have left do seem to be rather randomly filled.

On one hand, I'm obviously happy to get all those extra daffodils, but it was more the tulips I was interested in, so I'm also narked for being short changed!

Does anyone know if you can plant tulips and daffodils in a window box about 4" deep in soil? The packaging of the bulbs says to plant 6" deep, so I'm assuming it won't work, but I'm sure I've seen other houses with daffs growing in window boxes.

Tomsk it should be fine to plant the tulips and daff in a window box the rule normally are 3x there size deep ish, I have planted tulips in pots not that deep and been fine.

My mum got a bag of tulips from lidl the other day when she went out which is great -  I counted them the other day got 66 bulbs not bad that and a trip to lidl today got 5kg daffs of the train station garden for fiver which helps when such a large garden to plant up.

Also got some tulips and crocus in small bags for the garden here too. Lidl so good will count daffs later sometime

Stacey Docherty

I am storing mine for another couple of weeks then am planting them in the front lawn to top up the ones already there. Bulbs 10 for £3.00 local garden centre mmmmm no brainier lidl you star!!!!!


Hi all - I bought a big bag of daffs from Lidl last year & they gave a pretty impressive display in the spring so will also be going back for more next week - will try the tulips too!!


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