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Hi everyone

I am wanting to make a little patch of  ground at the side of our estate easy on the eye and wandered if any of you had any spare bulbs or seeds you would like to donate. Anything is appreciated to make this look nice - lot of old folk around and it would be nice for them to look out the window and see some nice flowers/foliage throughout the year. I have sorted my shed out and managed to find some spare seeds and have posters up in the local corner shop too asking for any donations.....would be great if you could help. Please contact me @ if you are able to help.....thank you so much xx

Who is paying postage?



I am happy to pay any postage costs

hollie hock

Hi Lucy,

Just a thought, is it on housing association/council land? These organisations have a lot of interest in anything green at the moment, especially if it's tenant led. There's probably some funding available as well.There's other organisations out there that can help you with funding and assistance.

Good luck with your project

Thanks Hollie-Hock. Ive rung the council and they are going to look into it for me. Thanks again for the info



Hi Lucy, thanks for directing me to this section. speak with you soon. 


What part of the country is this estate in (for anyone thinking of helping out)??



It's West Yorkshire

Aren't you guys doing well in the games. Someone worked it out if Yorkshire was a country you'd be doing better than Australia in the medal charts. You may have lost the battle of the Roses but in the War of the Games, glad to be on the same side  

Good luck with the community garden.    

Hi Zoomer44
Thanks, yes we are doing very well - am so proud to be a yorkshire lass born n bred - will hopefully one day post some pictures of the land im working on - started it yesterday but a long way to go yet!!!
Thanks again - have a nice day

Local Garden Centres and the likes of Homebase, B&Q and Dobbies will supply free plants, bulbs etc, esp end of season things if you go with an offical headed paper from the likes of a local group/council etc.

Thankyou Blaires

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