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I've noticed today that bulbs are starting to sprout in my garden.......

I'm totally new to gardening and have only been at this house since June, so i have no idea what they are.  I'm guessing daffodils.

Anyway, surely this is too early for them? Winter hasn't even started yet!!!





Normal behaviour-they will start- then slow down as it gets colder- than start again as it gets warmer.


They'll be fine 

Bluebells often send up some leaves early, as do daffs and some of the little bulbs like grape hyacinths.  

Don't worry about them but make sure you've got a camera ready so you can put some pics on here in the spring 


This happens, they will slow and stop when the weather gets really cold - don't worry, they know what they are doing even if we are still learning!

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