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When would be the latest for planting bulbs, particularly daffodils?


I've bought tete a tete daffs in january, planted straight away and they have flowered, though later than usual. So long as they have been kept cool, have not gone mouldy, and are still firm, they should be OK.

 Fot the best flowers , however, daffs will start to form roots now, so plant as soon as you can between now and end of october.


Daffs s early as possible, but NOT tulips, they get tulip fire if planted too soon.  I rarely plant tulips before end November, often later, and they always do fine.  Bulbs such as scilla biflora, chionodoxa etc. can go in any time really, from now onwards. Regarding daffs, the longer they have to develop a good root system the better, especially as they are likely to stay where they are for many years, so a good start helps them. 

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