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I'd really like to purchase two buxus plants (pyramid shaped) to plant up in pots and frame my front door. 

The front door is north-east this a good idea....will they survive...or is there another type of plant that would be more suitable/

Any comments would be very welcomed - i've only been gardening for 1 year!

Emma Crawforth

Hello Mrs TJ,

Buxus will grow in north-east facing situations. It makes a good hedge because it's so adaptable and is an excellent choice for pots framing a front door. It does not take being buffeted by strong winds as it can become scorched, but hopefully your front door is in a reasonably sheltered position. Have a look at Monty's video on planting box at:

There is a lot of advice there about box in general which will be relevant even if you're growing it in pots.

Do send us a photo when they're in place!

Emma team

Lady Lich

We have two buxus pyramids by our front door....but beware that they can smell like tom cat!

Thank you for your comments.  I think it's back to the drawing board - our front door isn't very sheltered, we are on a hill and the wind blows straight at our house. 

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