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This beast was sold to me as an Eryngium at a plant fair earlier this year when it was a tiny wee thing in a 3" pot.  It's now almost 4' tall and the leaves are lethal....otherwise I'd take a look at the plant label to find out what manner of Eryngium they were professing it to be.  The bees love it though so it can stay where it is....for now.
Anybody else been mis-sold a triffid?  


Looks more like Silybum matianum, Milk Thistle than an Eryngium. At least if that is what it is then it is a Biennial.


I think milk thistle too.....ya live and learn!  It will be moved as it's blocking an area I need to get to but I'll keep it for the bees


Looks more like E.variifolium to me.

At least yours is attractive.  I bought a pack with 2 seeds mats for hanging baskets - one of mxd seeds and other petunias. The petunias are lovely, but don't trail. The other produced only 'wildflowers', that is weeds!  Pink Campian, heartsease, cornflower and other things I don't know the name of (but they grow in the verge by the bus stop). The cornflower are now in the garden and the others got dumped.  Maggie



hahaha mags, my friend bought a couple of those hanging basket seed mats too, we're waiting to see the results.  Lots of greenery but no flowers as yet.  I better tell her not to get her hopes up. Aitch 

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