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Hi there,

So I would really like some flowering foxgloves next year. If i buy plugs now does that mean they will flower next year?.....

Sorry i'm a total noob...


It depends on the size of the plugs.   Anything that has roots filling a 7cm pot should be large enough to grow well in the spring, and then flower. The larger the plant is now, the bigger the flower spike  next year.

I had some tiny plugs (seedlings)of foxglove dalmation peach delivered last march, I potted them into 7cm pots and thenplanted them out. They started to flower July , were deadheaded and are still flowering.


I'm about to dig out some seedlings that have self sown. If you like, will pot them on and send to you.  Not fancy like FB's but had purple, white and pink this yr, as they come from all over and cross pollinate. They should flower next yr. PM me if you would like some.

Thomas Wilkinson2

I have some foxgloves planted in pots outside, will they be ok to leave out there over winter?


Yes, Provided the pot doesn't freeze solid, foxgloves are bone hardy.

 I would put the pots against a house wall for a bit of protection.

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