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can somebody suggest some places other than ebay where i can find some hard to get seeds.i am looking for agastache summer glow,tordylium officinale and astrantia glebe cottage.any help would be appreciated.

are there any decent seed swap websites?


Correct me if I am wrong -but didn't you ask this a few weeks back??

Some plants are just not available as seeds-they do not come true-I think this the answer you had last time

If they are not available commercially -by the seed companies- that is the reason.

i did,i am sorry to repeat myself but i couldn't get to my posts in my profile and i wasn't recieving any emails for replies.


There is a glitch on this site-still waiting for a fix 10 days later-it is the same for all-you could try trawling back but from recollection the answer was the same from others

I just sowed a packet on Sat morning they where free in a garden mag a little while back think it was amateur gardening.



I get a lot of my seeds from Chiltern Seeds. They have a wide variety including some rare stuff.

cotty 1000 chiltern seeds have them just had a look. has a pretty interesting assortment


Cutty, you may find somewhere selling the seeds from the astrantia and the agastache. They will produce seeds but they are cultivars and may not produce babies the same as the parents.

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