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I would appreciate any recommendations for website to buy plants. Somewhere with reasonable prices and good customer service/delivery.

Annie, check out Paddocks Plants.  Not a huge range but some quality stuff and some otherwise hard to find at very reasonable prices.  And they are such pleasant people to deal with

Brookside nursery in hints tamworth are very good. Ive just ordered some plants from jersey plants for the first time with free p+p but the plants are more expensive too compensate. Have a look at brookside



Oh Dove! I have just finished salivating over the Auriculas from Woottens! I may have to get OH to constuct something to put them on.

Thank you all, Paddocks Plants is in visiting distance from here, I have used Wootens when they have a sale or special offers. Thompsons website is down, but will try again tomorrow and Brookside have some little gems but most of what I'm interested in are out of stock.

I must say I so enjoy browsing t'internet for plants in the hope I will find something special.

Yes.....but Paddocks are substantially cheaper.  Just compare 

always on the lookout myself for special plants Annie . Paddocks have a lovely variety of eryngium, jade frost.  Not just the variegation which has pink in it but the flowers are of a wonderful silky blue 

I have ordered 6 perennials from paddocks tonight have to wait and see about the quality

Paddocks do look very good and as you say Verdum, very reasonable, I think I will pay them a visit at some time when I'm down that way. I must remember to make an appointment. The eryngium, jade frost looks fab, may have to try that one myself. I have heavy clay which is wet all winter and like concrete in the summer and I tend to loose a of of plants. But I'll give anything a try and put it in a pot if necessary.

If anyone is thinking about buying pond plants and marginals I have had two contrasting experiences this year; the extremely good and the extremely ugly.

The extremely good: The quality of plants I received from lilieswatergardens was outstanding! Not small plug plants only suitable for growing on, these were beautiful specimens that have all taken off really well. 

The extremely bad: Victoriana Nurseries: Where do I start! I ordered in May and received in July as they refused to send part of the order without applying two postage costs. The boxes were both damaged and soggy (the courier reported this) and the tops of the plants were all broken. There was heat damage resulting in translucent foliage and the water soldier had a slug with it which had had a feast and the plant sank without trace. The cowslips were the size of a fingernail. It took three weeks of countless emails before they begrudgingly offered a £15 refund (the order was £90) and seemed to believe as the plants would eventually recover I was not out of pocket. They refused to grasp the point out that I shouldn't have to pay full price for damaged plants despite photographic evidence within an hour of the plants arrival. So all in all poor plants and very poor customer service - be warned!


We have  a dedicated thread called The Good Guys which we use for our recommendations of outlets we've used. You can also post on there to give everyone the benefit of your experience frithsoken - good and bad. It really helps people when they want to buy online. 

Re your pond plants - it's a little more tricky I think, and they're often more expensive in comparison to 'ordinary' plants. We can rarely go to a local GC and buy them, so online sellers can be a real stab in the dark.  Totally unacceptable service from that second one - especially considering the value of your order. 

Bumped up the good guys thread 

frithsoken, awful service there from Victoriana Nurseries.   Have you accepted their derisory offer?  If not, ask for a full refund.  Speak to the manager, mention you are on a garden forum and their response is publicly noted.

even if you have accepted their offer contact them again...from the slug to the state of the delivery (noted by the courier) to the quality of the plants to the awful non-existent customer service you have enough grounds for a full refund 

ALWAYS complain until you are totally or in the high street.  

Good luck 


Ooops - I meant to do that Verd...

Good point about telling them you've mentioned it here. naming and shaming seems to be the only way with some companies unfortunately. Shouldn't have to resort to that but nowadays, it seems necessary in many cases.

Full refund really 


Where is the best place to buy  Lavendula Hidcote online


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