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This appeared last year. It just got bigger and bigger with no flower so we cut it out but it's back!


Looks like a foxglove to me but may also be a verbascum - both tend to appear in random locations due to having tiny seeds which blow about in the wind.  Verbascums are quite late flowering compared to foxgloves so I'd leave it a while.  The wild verbascum is Verbascum thapsus aka Great Mullein and has yellow flowers on a tall spike.


looks like comfrey.both foxglove and verbascum are bienniel and if hacked back usually die. Comfrey has a deep taproot and can be cut down 6 times a year and will still surface next year.


Think you're right fidget. MrsDins make sure you get all the root out or it will grow again.


Ooh ok thanks


If it's comfrey it is good for the compost.  Do not be too quick to kill it!

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