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Jo Stephenson

Hi guys,

So, I have a window box in a shaded area that I want to put some plants in that don't need much attention and will do something interesting all year round. Do you think I could get away with a cactus or two? Or should I be looking at something else?




The only interesting thing that cacti do is flower and they probably wouldn't do that in the shade. But don't listen to me, I'm biased. When my elder son left home I got custody of his cacti. My usual houseplant maintenance technique failed me. The b......s wouldn't die.

Alina W

If the window box is outside, they wouldn't survive the cold, either - they don't survive frost, and don't like being wet.

They like and need sun.  

Nut.....this blooming iPad keeps wanting to say "nit".....I share your dislike of cacti.  As a young lad I remember potting on a large cactus for my mother.  On the "bed of nails" principle I tipped it on to palm of my hand.  It was a massive heavy thing and the pain was severe.  Had those needles in my hands for months I think.  Aaaaaah! Memories.


Nit, nut, not a lot of difference is there?


Jo Stephenson

Well I either have to bring them in during winter or go for something else. What about succulents?

Hiya nut..well, one eats you amd you eat the other!

Hello jo

Christmas's not a cactus....would be something to consider.  They don't need much attention and flower for several weeks with interesting folkage.  You could alternate with Cyclamen or others to prolong floweriing interest


Very clever Verdun



Shady window box, surely  primula's with some bulbs and some nice varigated ivy?

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