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i know its a long shot but can anyone tell me does my cacti need potting on its a 4" high and 5"across ferocactus stainesii the spikes go red as it gets bigger and this year it has almost doubled in size iv fed it trice this year on nettle juice i made and watered it twice more ,water only, its looking very good and its in a 3" pot and is over growing the sides do i leave it or do a bigger pot please dont know how to upload a picture sorry,,good luck Alan4711


Is that what this is called?-had to google it to get a picture-I never knew its name before-and I have one

It does sound as if it needs a bigger pot-but I would leave that till next Spring

Loading a picture is easy-just click on the tree image-next to ABC- and upload from computer-or click on external link and load from photo sharing site

flowering rose

I think I have the one you are on about.I have it a few years and got it from elderly lady who had it for years.It is best with cactus to wait until  they are pot bound or they will not flower and they don't like being disturbed.(well mine don't) and its good Idea if your re-potting to wear gloves.When I do re-pot ,I use john Innes no 2.


many thanks to you both next spring it is in J,innes and ill have a go at sending pictures  nice one flower and soton  good luck


You can repot any time. Just don't water it in. Leave watering until it starts growing next spring.


This is a Ferocactus-


flowering rose

I have a cactus like yours above not as big and it has not flowered yet.This one flowers in the summer when there is a lot of sun ,I have another plant which is very big compared to this one.



very nice pics many thanks for that, allhappening next summer then

good luck Alan

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