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Evening all. I had a little question about the variations of the flower on this lovely berry producing plant.

I understand it can have white, pink or purple flowers. Is it one colour flower per plant? Ideally I'd like a pink or purple flowered one, as I loathe white flowers (sorry white flower lovers!).



Hi RubyLeaf

The callicarpa you want to ask for at your garden centre is

Callicarpa dichotoma
(Purple beautyberry)

This is the purple one. Actually, the flowers are very insignificant, it's the berries in autumn that are so pretty.

Thank you for your help! I'm well aware the flowers are as you say, insignificant but I cannot abide white flowers

Could you possibly tell me the pink flowered version too?

I agree on the berires, so pretty! I'm devoting a section of my garden to berry shrubs and needless to say this'll have centre stage.


There is one call callicarpa americana Welch's Beauty

 But I can't find it on any UK sites, don't know if it's only available in the US. Apparently it's a native of the USA.



Wow they charge alot for that! Still, I don't know how much these go at garden centres.

Thanks all. Though I may just buy the pink AND purple flower one since the display in Autumn is so beautiful!


 This is my Callicarpa 'Profusion' AGM . It has pale pink flowers in May but as the others say you don't notice them. I do notice the lovely bronze foliage in spring and then the berries. Some say they berry better if you have more than one, I haven't noticed any difference - it berries reliably every year!

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