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This is the first time I have owned a Camelia and mine has just started flowering, could someone please advise me how best to care for it? for instance, should I be feeding it whilst it is in flower? It is in a container.  

flowering rose

it should be in lime free soil, water well in autumn and now in spring .

Thanks for replies, it is potted in eracaceus soil. Sorry I am still not clear on this , am I right in thinking you only feed once a year then?, when link refers to 'no need to feed until next season' ?

I'd feed it after flowering then in the autumn, it gives it fuel to overwinter.

they need food and plenty of water in autumn because that's when the flower buds are forming as far as I am aware.


Greg Wells

Feed weekly from March through to September and occassionally in winter as per the instructions on your feed.

Choosing a Camelia feed with seaweed, which will help acidify the soil as well as providing root protection and nutrition, included much needed iron. 'Camellia Focus' by is a good choice, but there are others too.

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