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Jess is in the Garden

Mine's in a very shady part of the garden from November-March (ie no sun at all) and then has part sun from April. Full of buds at the moment but has lost a couple due to hard frosts. I've heard that they don't like east facing as morning sun + frosts can make the buds fall off more easily. My buds refusing to open for now as so damn cold!


This is the camellia I have ordered


Oh th epicture hasn't come up - what have I done now


Thank you Rosa for making this thread ive just been brought two camellias one red and one pink and like jess my garden is in the shade for most of the winter and now know alot more info thanks to you and everyone else


Gardening Grandma

Me too. i saw camellias for £2.99 in Aldi today and might get one.

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