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Can any one identify this plant and give basic care info?


I have two and iv had them for just over a year now, one has died off over winter not sure if it will grow back or not?




Hebe, but never able to tell which is which with them.

Hebe, they are very robust and need little attention till they become leggy. Maybe remove the weeds and mulch with gravel or some bark. As its potted a top dressing with a general purpose fertilizer, it should be fine where it is.


Red Edge I'd say. Dave's advice is sound - replace a bit of the compost layer as well before the mulch 

should these dye off during winter as iv got one that has lost all of its leaves  


You may have lost that one then, have a close look at the base of the stems and see if you can see any tiny buds or leaves. If not it's probably a goner.

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