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I have three flowers which im not sure what they are. Im also not sure on when to prune and how severely I need to prune them. Here they are:





Hi Glyn

2nd are hollyhocks - just cut the flower spikes to the ground when they are finished flowering.  They will die back in winter and reappear next spring.

Can't see 1st, 3rd looks like some sort of helianthus, but not 100% sure.  Others will know

Thanks chicky, the flowers in the first picture are like long white stems with small red flowering heads. The petals have nearly dropped off all of them now.



1st looks like Astrantia and 3rd one could be Coreopsis.

Hollyhock for 2nd one. 

All will die back for winter Glyn. 


1. Knautia macedonica

2. Hollyhock

3. Rudbeckia ? laciniata

Cut them all back when they've finished flowering. If you cut the knautia to half it's height it may grow back and make some more flowers.

Many thanks everyone for your answers. At least I know what I'm dealing with now!

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