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Can anybody give me answers to what these plants are please???

Are they weeds? Plants? If so what are they called?

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please see the above link and let me know if these are weeds or plants? If they are plants what are they??

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Sorry Emma your link does not work for me.

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Wow! Thanks Gold!locks.. that worked.

2. Looks like Brunnera macrophylla.

3. Looks like Vinca sp.


1, a sycamore

2, green allkanet

3 vinca

4, 5 assorted seedlings, can't identify all those but some look familiar

8 another sycamore

Sorry, can't do the bulbs or the grass


Thanks guys I'm going to research some of them. My garden was a jungle when I moved in but I have transformed it and saved what I thought were plants. This is my first garden so I have no Clue. Are any of them weeds? The grass like plants are unusual as its defiantly not normal grass.

could the grass like ones be Crocosmia lucifer?  Look similar to mine at the moment

When you say sycamore do you mean the tree?! As I just researched this and it looks different 

I did sprinkle wild flower seeds. Decoupled this be the grassy stuff??? Would anyone recommend wild flowers or to stay clear???

This could be the grassy stuff


The 'grassy stuff' looks like crocosmia to me (flowers late summer, orange flowers if it's the common one but might be a named variety)but there seems to be a few other things growing in among it too. (pic 6)

When nut says sycamore -yes that's what they look  like Emma- seedlings of maple trees. If that's what they are I'm afraid they grow into rather big trees! The 9th pic seems to have forget-me-nots (the little blue flowers) in amongst it-the strappy leaves could be lily turf which is like a big Muscari (grape hyacinth) or it could be an Allium of some kind (onion-but probably an ornamental one!)

Lol oh my goodness.! Sycamore trees!!!! I was not expecting this.! What should I do with them.?! 


take the sycamores out Emma, they're not plants for a garden.

Some of those seedlings will be your wild flowers, they're good and the insects like them, but expect to find some you didn't sow mixed in. Don't worry about them. 

Good luck, youll have a lovely time

Thank you nutcutlet I will remove them tomorrow. I absolutely love watching everything grow that I planted, I'm just impatient and want it all to hurry up!! Lol. Will any of it flower this year?? 

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Hi Emma, don't think think the grassy stuff is crocosmia, think it's more likely to out of the wildflower mix. The little blue flowers poking through are forget me nots, not sure what they are growing through.

Pull the sycamores out, I get loads of little beech growing here



If I didn't weed out the sycamore, norway maple, field maple, ash, hazel, hawthorn..........,,,,,, I'd soon be living ina forest

The blue flowers you said are forget me nots are attached to the other stuff???

Does anyone know what the last picture is with the weird buds??


Hard to tell from the pic but one of those buds could be a growing seedhead. See what happens or you could take some more pics from different angles for anything we haven't IDd

Sorry not the last picture, the first picture infront of the fence. It's a twiggy stem with buds on it.