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Heather Michaels

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with an ID on this little beauty please? Two pics below, one showing primarily the flower and the other, hopefully, gives a clearer picture of the leaves.

Thanks in advance, Heather 





I think it's a Kerria Japonica

Heather Michaels

Thanks MuddyFork, just googled that for images and def not that. The flowers are very different on this to the Kerria Japonica, this is much more fluffy, wispier petalled and fuller, the Japonica seems to have only 5 petals making a very neat flower in a single layer, this one is multi layered but thank you


Heather Michaels

MuddyFork, with abject apologies you were quite correct . So much for the famous google!! Found different images and it is most certainly Kerria Japonica, or Japanese Rose as it says and that explains why is looks a bit like Rose to me!  Gold star for Muddy Fork 

And thanks to Dove too x

Heather Michaels

Thanks Dove, that's the one I just found on looking in a different place. Its absolutely beautiful. We've just acquired it without knowing what it was or how it grew, so now my challenge is to make it grow like a bush!



Hi Heather, this will grow in almost complete shade if you need to brighten a dark corner.  On the downside, it spreads by underground runners and can be invasive, so keep your eye on it!

Heather Michaels

Thanks Bob, I've just been doing some reading on it. Great that it grows in the shade, my garden does get sun, but only full sun in the height of summer for a few hours a day as we're tree lined so there's a certain amount of shade all the time. Its already brightening up my front garden like a beacon! But I'll certainly keep an eye on it and not be afraid to chop it back/down or sideways if it looks as though its taking over. Thank you 

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