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I got these perennials as mini plugs via a telegraph offer but stupidly threw the box away without naming them... Can anyone tell me what they are so I can work out where to plant them out.  Thanks






1  geum


3. can't do 


did you grow them from seed missimaxo? 

No they came as mini plugs on one of those pay postage get plants free offer... to be honest they've done better than I thought as I don't have a greenhouse and just had them on the windowsill


3 maybe campanulas or asters

The third one will either be Echinacea,helenium or my best guess is penstemon.I have  bought similar plugs in post like these.the first two seem right,but I think the last one could be verbena will be exciting for you to see how they turn out


Thank you, will look them up and have a guesss at where best to plant them out.


I got the same offer - so I can tell you exactly!

Geum - Mrs Bradshaw

Foxgloves - Excelsior

Coreopsis - Sunray

Nepeta - Mussini

Hope that helps !! I have been really pleased with how mine have grown - they were really tiny when they arrived.


 good one chicky

Is Mrs Bradshaw the red one?

hollie hock

I got a similar offer last year, Mrs Bradshaw is looking like she might be orange

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