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hi all i have a big pot and i wondered if it would be ok to pot a mock orange shrub in it the trouble is when i phoned the garden centre they said they had various types and i dont know what to geti wanted the white one that smells nice can anyone advise

Chica, most of the mock,oranges.....philadelphus....have lovely fragrant flowers. There are some,dwarf ones too and a lovely,yellow foliage variety. You will need to feed it well, I think but it's fragrance during June is wonderful......sort of orangey/vanilla. flowers only for a short time and,out of flower is not very attractive. There is another similarly-fragrant shrub called choisya....known as Mexican,orange blossom.....that is evergreen, easily pruned to shape, long flowering and with fragrant leaves.....just an idea?? Would,look nice in a pot

I have the golden foliage one in a pot, but it's only been there for 2 years.OK so far. I also have a choisya in the ground and it's enourmous, but it's been there a long time.


thank you so much verdun its going to be mexican orange blossem sounds lovely,hope my garden centre has it

Highland Jeannie

I had a golden foliage philadelphus in a tub for 4-5 years, it was fine, but drunk a lot!  It's now in the ground - I'd never be without one; the scent is just gorgeous.  Choisya is not really hardy enough up here. 


Chica, they are easily obtained but there are a couple of varieties ....the usual dark green choisya, a yellow foliage one called Sundance (I love this one but it doesn't flower as well but what a looker), one called Aztec Pearl. Why not look up these on line first? Since you seem more interested in scent, the standard/usual/common one is prob the best. Possibly, your garden centre may not have this in stock yet but they will be plentiful in a few weeks.
Oh......choisya may need fleece protection for first year but they do toughen up.

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