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My Dad and I found some seeds he'd collected on a trip (possibly in Devon/Cornwall area) but unfortunately they were not labelled. They were sown in May/June this year and this photo was taken this morning. I have a couple I've put in the ground which are even bigger, approximately 2ft high but the photographed ones are sheltering in the greenhouse over winter as I suspect they may be a little frost tender.

Does anyone recognise this plant? And/or can anyone give me any advice on how to care for it?


It's echium, though I'm not sure which species. They're very common on Guernsey and the Scilly Isles and probably around Devon and Cornwall. They are tender, and they're biennial so should flower next year if you can get them through winter.

flowering rose

I would get a book out and check looks like cannabis.


Agree with JS. 

This is cannabis. Lots of leaflets from a single point and very different looking


Anyone know why my cannabis pic didn't appear? I've put pics on before with no problem and it was on the screen when I submitted reply?


I wonder if its not alloowed nutcutlet, I've posted one the same to see if mine is removed


Nothing to do with removal methinks-this page went funny the other day as well-the site had been partying

and still is

Posts or contents do not get removed unless moderator is alerted.


That seems to work asilvert. Things don't always do as i expect in the computing world. All the pics I've posted before have been mine, this came from google images, perhaps I'm not allowed to use them. 

Sounds like a good party elf centre


Definitely echium I have planted a long row of them, grew from seed in the spring and hopefully will bloom with 10' high flower stems next year.


My next door neighbour has had 2 in the front - echium - most amazing 'out of this world' blue flower about 8ft tall that attracted bees  and butterflies. We all have watched as he nurtured it through the winter. - a large fleece screen on canes fastened with clothes pegs, and then this year these blue flowers

Sounds amazing! Thanks so much for all your help. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed all winter

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