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Hi, can anyone identify this please. It has not flowered for 3 years, seems to be evergreen and has a shallow root system.

I thought it might be crocosmia but I can't see any corms.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.




star gaze lily

I don't know what its called Gill, but it looks very much like something I pull up every year.  It never flowers but springs up all over the place. It suddenly appeared about 4/5 years ago. In fact I've just dug one out this morning from a border and pulled  another one out that was growing in one of my pots. Sometimes I've even had it growing in the lawn

Hi Dovefromabove, I have liriope muscari and I don't think it is that as this is much much bigger.

Hi Star gaze lily - oh dear i really hope not.. i was hoping it might be something nice.  Are your leaves about 2ft long? 

Mark 499

Could it be Carex?


star gaze lily
  1. Yes Gill they are,  Mines definitley not Liriope. Doesn't have flowers, but sometimes 4ft long brown seed type stems. Leaves are broad and thick.

star gaze lily

Oh heck, sorry. Don't know why I've got a 1 and a dot  Tried to get rid of it, but wouldn't let me.

star gaze lily

Just looked up Carex Mark, some look very similar but not sure. Really gets on my nerves tho, always digging it up 


Iris feotidissima has a flat fan shaped leaf arrangement. Carex have a ridge down the back giving a triangular appearance. I can't enlarge this to see what you have here  but it's not any sort of iris

star gaze lily

The leaf looks very much like what I dug up today Nut 

It could well be pendulous sedge. We get that coming up everywhere.

star gaze lily

Looks very similar,  leaves on mine are a dark green and the 'catkins' as they call them are brown rathet than yellow.

Mark 499

Pendulous Sedge aka Carex Pendula

I have just looked up the Carex pendula and I think you are right. The leaves are in sort of clusters and are fanned. I have replanted it today so I shall keep and eye on it and see what happens. Doesn't really sound like it will be staying though.
Thank you all for your help



Yes I have a neighbour with a carex and it seeds all over my border. I'm always digging them up.

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