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Jean Genie

Does anyone recognise this plant ? I bought it from Ikea (sorry for the plug ) and it doesn't have a label. I've been on a few sites this morning but can't seem to find it.

Thanks . Jean.


Jean Genie

Pam, that looks very much like it . I'll have a google and find some information on it. I usually keep the labels . Thanks very much.


When I worked for Homebase  we used to get 6' tall plaited plants in

Pam LL x


Jean Genie

Thanks everyone, I know how to look after it now

big ed

Ikea Annonamusa from the genius Lostuslabuluos

Sorry can't put more specific name on it though I've searched my limited library but myself would treat it as one would a "Rubber Plant" and see if later flower is more easily identified. I wouldn't put it outside save in the most clement of weather! Did you ask the Ikea Gardening experts direct? kindest Regards.



I am with flowering rose. I dont know much about house plants but, I do grow money trees to go outside in summer, and this is not one. If you look at the picture on the website mentioned on here that is a money tree and, it does not anything like the picture on the thread.

big ed

Hy Jean

Did you ever identify the plant and has it survived?

Kindest Regards


Don't think it's a money tree/shrub/bush or otherwise.
If it's money tree, the leaves are very thick and it you snap a leaf in 1/2 it will ooze sap.

I had a feeling it may be an avocado, and found a few pix-

Assuming the above link works, looks very similar
Good luck


It is Pachira aquatica.

People are getting mixed up with the common names.

Jean Genie

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late reply, it is Pachira aquatica.

Think I let it get a little too hot last Summer as it lost some of it's leaves but it's come back with a vengence now !

Definitely not a Money plant - I've got one of those, ( not that it brings me any money )

Thanks for replying everyone.


Yup, common names often lead to confusion. It doesn't help that in the ebay link above, the plant is wrongly named. I believe that the common name of Pachira aquatica is Water Chestnut or other similar names containing "chestnut", but it is mentioned on several websites as a "Money tree" - I suspect as a marketing ploy!


big ed

Yes, your so right landgirl common names do lead to oddities, trouble is the authorities themselves over the years have interfered with the common sense of sticking to one straight road for identification ....God knows what it would cost today to correct even my modest library! I often simply go to Wikipedia where strangely, for a non specialist tomb, little clues raise their heads to tie together common or fanciful names to some of the "correct" formal identities.....shame it's come to this.....I was once given a "Shoe Tree" but despite careful searching, planting, grafting and "t budding" nothing came of it. Seems you enjoy the same scepticism and dry humour as do I. Kindest regards.

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