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 Please can anyone tell me what this plant is?


Solomon's Seal Charlotte.(Polygonatum) Good for a shady area with it's lovely arching stems of flowers. Watch out for sawfly as they strip the leaves later on. Pick them off if you see them chomping!

Fairygirl is quite right on the identification and the sawfly warning.......

These catapillers are small and sneaky - they are exactly the samee green as the leaves and they often start on the UNDERNEATH of the leaves so always check - every day if you can - they can strip a whole plant in 24 hours!

lesson learnt here, the hard way........the same little blighters also got my goosgog bushes!



Yes I would go with dark grey fat and deserving of a good kicking. I saw the flies themselves around my plants this week, so now is the time to be vigilant.



Yup, singularly unattractive fat grey caterpillars. What do the adult flies look like Punkdoc?


Black with longish legs, slim and about the size of a house fly. They look like something you know will commit evil.

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