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tony williams2

Hi, I have this plant growing in the garden and not sure what it is, can anyone identify it please. It is around 2ft 6in tall, and is growing in partial shade and doing very well. Thanks, Tony.   (sorry about pic, doesn't seem to download properly at the moment)





Looks like Delphinium grandiflorum aka Larkspur because of that lovely spur at the back of the flower 

Yes, totally agree, the leaf gives a huge clue

tony williams2

I,m suprised as the foliage looks like cosmos. But you lot normally know best,im glad to say.


Its not like the hybrids that you normally see and much more robust. Wish more people would grow it.



Maybe they don't grow it because the slugs love it just as much as delphiniums.


Can anyone out there identify this for me please?  This is an shrub growing in Melbourne in my daughter's yard and I picked this in September, so their winter.  I haven't been able to find anything in books or on sites.  


I don't know, but the flower is rather like a hibiscus. There is one with leaves a bit like that but they are brown, Acetosella.

Alyogyne huegelii, an Australian relative to hibiscus, I´d love to have one!

Thank you so much for that, I've written down the name so never to be forgotten!  I also thought hibiscus but the petals are a little more floppy.  I'd love one here too but I have to keep an eye on it via Skype!  Thank you.

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