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 I found it struggling to the surface whilst raking leaves. When I first found it it was a vivid cobalt blue. It's leggy leaves are in the photo too.

Scilla siberica, I think. It's a bulb.


Scilla siberica aka Siberian squill - a bulb, naturalises beautifully in deciduous woodland - I saw a woodland absolutely carpeted with it down in Suffolk about a fortnight ago - a picture 

star gaze lily

I'm not sure, but it looks a bit like blue laurentia, a member of the campanula family. Or there is one called Beths blue  star.

star gaze lily

Took me so long to get this though cos words jumping about, Doves probably right tho.



Hi Lily  - pretty sure it's not laurentia as the leaves are a classic bulb-type leaf and laurentia isn't a bulb and has lobed leaves.

star gaze lily

You're prob right Dove, hope, your finger is better.

Could it be chindoxyia, 


I agree with Dove, it is a scilla, I have lots in my garden.  They self seed very easily.

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