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Hi, I would love to know the name of this tree. It's just about to bloom into colour and I have no idea if it is a fruit tree or other tree. 



Looks like an apple tree to me - show us another picture when the blossom is fully out 

Thank you, I will


Looks like an apple to me too, but a photo from the side might help, looks as though you were perched on top of it!


Lol, it's branches are trailing very low. I will try to get a better shit tomorrow. I'm v excited about it being apple as I've heard they attract bumble bees don't they? I'm very keen on helping our small furry bees. 

Whoops, please excuse the awful auto correct in my post. that should read pic! 


Gave me a good giggle - think we all knew what you meant to type  

My 'vote' is for apple too.


It's just caused my husband to collapse into fit heap of giggles! 

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