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Can't remember what these bulbs were and wondering what these tall things are.  The only things I remember planting which I'm not sure about how they look when they come up were two different kinds of alliums and ranunculus.  These look like tulips - quite a lot didn't come up and none of my white daff Tressemble showed up.  Anyone recognise these?




They look like nectaroscordium, a decorative allium relative. Do the leaves smell of onions?


This looks like Nectaroscordium siculum which was formerly an allium. Beautiful flowers and long lasting seed heads.

I can confirm that as I have lots of these in my front garden.enjoy


figrat, punkdoc and cotty1000 - thank you so much.  Yes I did plant nectaroscordum (dium!) bulbs - just managed to find the bag they came in with photo.  Fantastic.  I couldn't remember where exactly I planted them as I did it on one of those quite cold days last Autumn just before it rained again - so did it in a hurry.  Really pleased about this - can't wait to see them flower when the time comes.

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