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reminds me of when someone gave me some euphorbia heads for seed gg. I put them in my pocket and as they warmed up I could feel them exploding

Crumbs. This is a monster plant which scares off burglars, deters trespassers, can't be eradicated, has explosive seeds and turns into a MONSTER if you leave it long enough. Are you guys winding me up cos Im new to this forum ;o)

gardenning granny

....on the other hand I took a plant to the Languedoc in France where it has managed to survive the long dry summer and cold winter and has flowered this year, but in a mini form - about 12 inches high!  The height of your plants could be the result of sufficient shade and sufficient moisture!  It's not very keen on being transplanted as it has thick taproots, but removing the young selfseeded plants shouln't be a problem.


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