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Could you help me please?  I've tried to find the name of this but having no luck.  I took the cutting off a hedge and I think it's really pretty.


Any help appreciated,






looks like an Escallonia to me, perhaps the variety 'Apple Blossom'.


It looks a bit like a Camellia to me  Is the foliage glossy? when was it in flower and what shape were the flowers? Maybe Escallonia of some sort

Pam x


Thank you for getting back to me. The picture was taken yesterday and after having looked at the descriptions and images of both pretty sure it is an escallonia. I think the reason I was having such difficulty identifying it was because the images on the Internet are of it flowering later in the cycle. Quite excited as I've read it grows really well from cuttings too

We've recently moved in and this is my first garden so trying to identify what we have and what we can put in. It can be very difficult identifying these at times so your help really appreciated.

I will be back with a couple more photos we're finding challenging



Here's another I could do with a hand with.  The leaves feel fuzzy and the yellow flowers fall out to leave the 'sockets' you can see at the front.  The stem has become woody.  Thoughts?




Could you rotate your pictures please -I have a crick in my neck-ta-

and the leaves look like some kind of sage.



Jerusalem Sage.

Brilliant! Sorry about the rotation it seems different on mobile devices vs laptop .

It's really lovely to get the names of these guys.



This picture was taken in spring and my husband swears it had small purple berries in the autumn.  Finally I've managed to orientate it correctly, apologies again for before 



Thank you


Going back to your first plant (the one hanging on your door frame), it looks to me like Snowberry (Symphoricarpos rivularis).



The photo with the yellow flower and the flower head with the holes in it is a Phlomis.(Jerusalem Sage) as Leggi says. I've got it in my garden and the seed heads are lovely dried and sprayed silver in Xmas decorations. This plant can get very big though so beware. I grew mine from seeds from my Mum's plant.


Have to agree with Joe the Gardener.  think it is a snowberry.  Lovely plant but can be a bit invasive.

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