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The first one looks a bit like bluebells but I must admit I've seen them all before but don't know what they are!?  Help!!

Thanks, Louise


Hi Louise, scale is difficult but I'd say Scilla siberica for the first

2 are hellebores, 

3 Anemone blanda

Mark 499

1 Scillia, 2 Hellebores & 3  Anemone Blanda


Scilla sibirica. (bluebell family)

Hellebores orientalis or garden hybrids.

anemone blanda




I think that constitutes an agreement.

Mark 499

We must have been typing at the same time nut.

Lovely - thanks guys - I was just writing my blog and didn't want to seem daft in not knowing what they were!



That must be a record, there's usually some dissent in ID


Great LIsa, you can join the ID team

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