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I took cuttings form someone else's garden of some kind of large twiggy thing, did not have any leaves on then. I rooted them in a small plastic pot and leaves are coming and have rooted well, I am not sure what it is and would like anyone's thoughts of what it could be please - pictures below.






That would be my thought, hope it's a nice one.

Leave do smell after rubbing them - so could be, not sure what sort of strong smell there should be to expert - smells bit like grass or leaf


That's my thought as well


Gary Hobson
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Leave do smell  - smells bit like grass ,,,

Er, hmmm.

How do you describe the smell of flowering currant.

Did the smell induce in you a profound mystical experience. Because that's what happened to C S Lewis...

The smell of flowering currant and hawthorn is referred to on this page, in the prose just beneath where it says 'the magic is waiting' and the photo...


Smell is so subjective - I've heard the smell of flowering currant described as 'like cat pee', but I like the smell of flowering currant, and I certainly don't like the smell of cat pee 

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