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Hi all im trying to upload a photo of a geranium i bought from a car boot that was 3 leaves only  and drowning, bit of tlc and its now  a gooden,now if the pictures work can i take 2 or 3 inch cuttings of the new storks intact and root hormonme them or do i have to do leaf cuttings  which is the best way please now trying to upem


 the second pic shows the storks that im asking about

Many thanks Alan4711


Your "geranium" is a begonia Alan


It is a Begonia and you can take cuttings in water.

And a jolly healthy looking one at that. Congratulations!

Begonia- Book says leaf cuttings root easily, so rooting powder probably not nec. They can also be divided at repotting time. J.



With mine, I cut the stalk about 3inches long, strip of some of the leaves from the bottom them put in sandy, dry seed compost, keeing it quite dry or the stalks will rot. You could put 3 in a 3inch flower pot, but make sure you dont overwater.

I love this heart leaf variety, if you get them going, maybe we could do a swap if there are any that I have you would like.



Many thanks for all that info on my Geranium come Begonia cuttings here i come and yes these are smashing plants   and like i said geoff sometimes your just wicked good luck for all that info,going up to Norfolk in the morning looking for a new house with a BIG big  garden save me driving to our allotment every day wish us luck

Bye for now Alan4711

When I first saw the pic I thought it was begonia, so I googled heart leaf geraniums as I thought the person knew what they had, and it looked similar, no wonder I haven't got one in my vast collection!!!

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