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Hello again, sorry another question. I planted a Virginia Creeper about 2 months ago to grow up a wall on wires. Its on a North West facing wall. I was wondering if I could plant a winter flowering clematis such as Wisley Cream, along side of it and train them both up together.  

What do you think? 

I think that would be lovely. The only issue would be pruning the clematis but I am pretty sure that Wisley Cream doesn't need regular pruning except to tidy up ( if and when you feel it needs it) so that should be fine.

hhmm, not so sure.

Once the VC is established, the leaves are pretty big and I'm not sure the clematis would get enough light during the summer. The cover of VC is so good, I've seen birds nesting behind the foliage.

Virginia Creeper is extremely vigourous, it may well swamp a clematis.


Guess you wont know until you try, one thing though, you wont need the wires in the wall for the VC to cling on to the wall itself should suffice...



Thanks guys, not sure what to do now, perhaps wise to move the VC.

Would another clematis, say a late flowering clematis - work better with the Wisley Cream?  

Percy you gave me the idea with your fabulous Alpina and Honeysuckle together.  


I agree with most, in that Vc. is very vigourous and will most likely engulf Clematis.


I'd keep the VC for the wall and have the Clematis elsewhere. The autumn colour on a wall is beautiful.

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